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We Develop Customize PC software which helps you solve complex real-time data acquisition and control scenarios easily and quickly. 
The purpose of data acquisition is to measure an electrical or physical phenomenon such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure, or sound. PC-based data acquisition uses a combination of modular hardware, application software, and a computer to take measurements. While each data acquisition system is defined by its application requirements, every system shares a common goal of acquiring, analyzing, and presenting information.

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We create  or customised  the  data acquisition software which support  to communicate with any kind of PLC , Data Logger , Recorders and any digital or analog instrument produce output in the serial  port ,Parallel port ,USB and TCPIP. Expected output could be in MODBUS or any custom build ASCII or HEX format.
Results of data acquisition and analysis can be displayed / Stored in file, DDE application and various types of displays, including strip charts, x-y graphs, digital and analog meters, and bar graphs. 

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Features of PC Based Data acquisition & Control Software:
  • Collect real-time data from any RS 232 Serial Port, TCP/IP port or any PCI card.
  • Real Time Data Recording
  • Real Time Alarm Notification
  • Multiple Data Set Graphing
  • Real Time Data Complex Processing
  • Date and Time Stamping
  • Statistics Calculation
  • Data Exporting.
  • Eliminate Manul Data Entry